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The PayAll Account is a configurable closed-loop system for users (businesses, merchants, consumers, suppliers, agents, distributors) to make and settle payments between each other, whether it operates under the PayAll brand, or is white-labeled.

Pay-In Flexibility

Accounts can be funded using: payment cards online; through mobile devices, without hardware or even a computer; ACH in the US; wire transfers globally; and account-to-account transfers.

Pay-Out, Managed Acceptance

The PayAll platform enables a wide range of client-defined options for funds to be accessed and used. This includes restricting or managing access of funds in your PayAll ecosystem, to more ubiquitous access options with the prepaid PayAll MasterCard as well as transfer funds to bank accounts globally.

Virtual MasterCard

The PayAll Account can be seamlessly linked to a prepaid virtual or physical PayAll MasterCard and funds can be moved instantly between these accounts that are used for online shopping or uploaded an Apple Pay or Google Wallet to spend funds at points-of-sale. User requested physical cards are available in most circumstances.

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