Gary Palmer


The 1970’s –

there was no European Union,
dictators ruled several South American countries,
the Soviet Union was a world power,
there was a war in Southeast Asia.

And, SWIFT was formed as well as many Core banking systems.
Growing-up during this era, who could have imagined the world we live in today? From globalization and interconnectedness of economies, to making free video calls to anyone in the world, to the rise of “gig economy”, freelance, mobile workers who value choice and mobility over job stability – much has changed.

But when it comes to cross-border payments, little has changed.

For example, if a worker outside the US is paid $400, most US banks charge $40-$50 to make this payment - even if the worker has a USD account.  And when the $400 arrives, up to 4 days later, the local bank charges $40-$50. Total cost - $80-$100 for a $400 transfer. Why does it cost so much? And why does it take up to 4 days?

We understand the issues banks face and the root-causes of the costs and delays.

We’ve developed new tools and processes to ensure authenticated business payers as well as transparent, communally shared KYB details and substantiated economic legitimacy of payments.

And we ensure payments are channeled through banks that specifically support the source of funds from each business payer – we systemically enforce the requirements of every bank.

Banks can enable their business customers to “pay anyone, anywhere” with a simple API or use an intuitive web app to automate cross-border payments.  Moreover, businesses avoid the costs, time, error-prone manual work and extreme risks of collecting and storing a recipient’s personal and bank details.

And the news is even better for recipients.  We’ve pioneered mobile-forward, novel options that give businesses and individuals complete control over how they manage and spend their money.  Founded on a world-class, portable bank-like account connected to local payment systems and real-time interfaces to new, alternative forms of financial services – recipients are in control.  And this is all external to a bank’s core.  Bottom-line, we power a wide range of incredibly valuable and desirable choices that respect the needs of businesses and individuals like no other.

It’s a thankless, high-stress and nearly impossible job to be in “product” or “innovation” at a bank. Let us help. We make it easy for banks to offer a competitively superior, safe and world-class cross-border B2B and B2C global payment product independent of SWIFT and old-fashioned, expensive, manually intense and opaque correspondent banking. But there’s more – what we offer is not only far better for business payers and recipients, but produces confidence in compliance officers as well as regulators. We make the impossible – possible.

For more than 20 years, our team has pioneered transformational payment breakthroughs including prepaid cards and 24x7 instant payments. We’ve built and operated bank-grade processing platforms that are used around the world.

Let us help you innovate and offer a unique, safe, customer loved cross-border new payment product – with no big technology project or changes to your core. 

Join us as we make cross-border payments safe, compliant, instant and frictionless through our unique global multi-currency single shared platform and first-mile as well as last-mile options.


Founder, President and CEO

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Join us as we make cross-border payments safe, compliant, instant and near frictionless through our global, multi-currency single shared platform and first-mile as well as last-mile tools users expect.

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